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Booking Terms & Conditions 
for bridal bookings

- Travel fee and parking will be extra. Travel fee is € 0,50/km.
- When start time is before 6:30 am an early bird fee of € 30 per half hour will be added. 
- If travel time is longer than 1 hour an additional flat fee of € 30 will be added.
- Because time is precious and there is a certain amount of time allocated to an appointment in my studio, a late fee will be added to your invoice when you are more than 15 min late to an appointment. 
- Your date is not held for you until your booking is complete which means 'first come, first served' (complete booking means a paid booking fee + signed contract + confirmation mail)

- A deposit of 20% of the total booking is required to secure your date. If I do not receive a deposit & signed contract your date is not booked and will not be held until I receive both. The booking fee will be deducted from the final balance. The booking fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. 
- Please consider and confirm the number of services carefully when booking, as we do not allow to reduce the number of services after the contract is signed and the booking fee has been paid.

- There is a minimum booking fee for weekend bookings (Fridays & Saturdays) of € 400 & a minimum of € 300 for weekday bookings. This excludes travel cost, trail sessions, assistant, ...
- Bridal trials are compulsory for all bookings and only available after a booking is made and the deposit has been placed. All trials will be held at my studio in Schepdaal. Maximum 1 extra guest (if necessary) is allowed to be at the trial.

- Accommodation is to be provided for the night before the wedding when the start time is prior to 7am and travel time is longer than 1,5 hours.
- A surcharge of 15% will apply if your booking is on a Sunday/Public Holiday.
- By paying your booking fee you agree to T&Cs listed here.
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